Purchased Services savings, faster with no out-of-pocket costs. Accelerated bidding with Medpricer real-time, moderated e-negotiation. An easier, faster way to find and monitor your Purchased Services spend

Medpricer Purchased Services:  24% More Savings. 40% Faster. No Out-of-Pocket Costs.

Healthcare providers are facing more pressure than ever to save money fast.

Medpricer provides sourcing technology and service teams that have helped healthcare systems like Johns Hopkins, Mercy Health, Mount Sinai New York and HHC find significant savings in Purchased Services .

24% More Savings.

Medpricer has electronically sourced more than $2.3 billion in spend across more than 600 projects and categorized more than $38 billion in Purchased Services spend for nearly 300 hospitals. Our experience leads directly to savings by allowing us to offer singular insight into savings strategies that is based on our proprietary database.  Explore our solutions or Request a demo to see what you can save.

40% Faster.

Medpricer is not an outsourcing solution; we augment your existing staff. We accelerate the competitive bidding process by providing your staff with support services and technologies that free them to manage three times more sourcing projects in the same amount of time, allowing them to reach savings targets an average of 40% faster. Learn more.

No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Unlike GPOs and consulting firms, Medpricer's sourcing technology and service team are yours in a vendor-paid model that allows you to keep 100% of your savings with no out-of-pocket expenses. We are paid by the winning vendors, and we offer guaranteed rebates for volume thresholds. Request a proposal.


Knowledge is Power and Savings

Purchased Services account for roughly 40% of a health system's supply chain expense, but many systems struggle to answer these questions:

  1. How much am I spending in Purchased Services across my entire system?
  2. Which vendors am I using?
  3. Am I standardized to a single vendor in a category?
  4. Are my facilities buying off the right contracts?
  5. Am I actually realizing the projected savings from a past initiative?

Accessing Purchased Services data across multiple systems, characterizing it, interpreting it, and acting on it has never been easy, but the rewards can be great.  Ask us for an assessment of what you’re spending.

Medpricer offers
solutions for:

Purchased Services Spend Analytics – Find out what you’re spending, where and when, and see your savings potential. 

Purchased Services Strategy – Turn your savings potential into actionable plans and get returns on your savings activities.

Purchased Services Sourcing – Flexible levels of unique technologies and services that increase savings and speed the competitive bidding process.

Platform Technologies – Tools that bring your spend analytics, strategies and sourcing solutions together so you can manage the process and get credit for it.

Contact us to see how it will work for your organization.